How long does it take to make suit? A shirt?
It takes about 3 weeks. Sometimes less, sometimes 1 week more. There is a black out period for the summer and winter holidays when it takes 6 weeks to receive. Shirts normally arrive in 2 weeks.

When should I come in to get measured for my wedding suit?
We always tell people the sooner, the better. The reason is that if you leave it to the last minute or a month before the wedding,  it will cause you stress not knowing what it looks like or feels like. Normally, people come in 3 to 12 months before the wedding for the first appointment. Also, it will be one more thing that you can check off your list for the wedding.

I’m planning on losing some weight or I’m planning on hitting the gym and putting some muscle on. Should I wait to come in just before the wedding?
Again, We would prefer you come in for all the reasons given in the previous question.  On top of that, you can lose or gain up to 20 pounds and we can make adjustments to the garment without affecting the balance of the garment. We always suggest you come back 2 weeks before  the wedding so we can give the garment a professional pressing and see if any adjustments should be made.
- free of charge -

If I get a custom suit and my groomsmen don’t, won’t that look funny?
The answer is No. Again, our goal is that you are the best dressed man at your wedding. You will be looking at your wedding photos for years and years to come. The ushers are there to show their support and stand by you but this is your wedding. We do offer rental services as an agent of Tuxedo Junction and can coordinate the wedding party perfectly with the color of the bridemaid dresses and the styling of your outfit.